Reflection: "trash memory game"

2017-06-24 20:35:25 by NarutoAE

What I Made

A trash memory game that doesn't even work.

What Went Wrong

This game has taught me how important design is early on.

When I started this game, I had the vaugest idea of what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I didn't bother writing it down, or organising how I was going to go about implementing it. I've planned and I sort of decided to "wing it" and charge head-on full force into the project.

This was a very bad idea, especially since the kind of game I was designing depended on things like finite state machines.

Underestimating your scope and not planning at all isn't a very good idea.

What Went Right

The only thing that went "right" would be the color palette choice.


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